Monday, January 28, 2013

Tyler's First Birthday

My son's first birthday was last month, to celebrate we decided to throw a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" Party! My son is a big chunk and he eats through everything, so it seemed appropriate. I got a few ideas off of Pinterest.. It was kind of hard to find party supplies because "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" doesn't seem as popular these days... Luckily, Target happened to have a bunch of Caterpillar accessories back in October/November, and that's when I decided that would be the theme! I was very distracted and forgot to take a photo of the room as a whole, so I only have a bunch of small photos.. The tables all had light blue table cloths, with a "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" bucket (filled with candy) at each one as a centerpiece. There were assorted bright-color balloons tied to every bucket.

This is the invitation... the photo quality isn't very good because I used my phone to take a picture of the computer screen when I ordered them. I couldn't find any kind of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" invitation templates on any website, so I had to create my own. I used shutterfly and found a green star template with three photos. I typed in "Hungry Caterpillar Invitation" into google photos, thats where I found the title; there were a bunch of cute ones, but this was the easiest to edit.. however another child's name was in Tyler's place, so I simply edited it in paint. I cut out the other kid's name and typed Tyler's perfectly and used that as the third "photo" space on the card.

This idea was found on pinterest, I found printables of the book pages and glued them on construction paper.... the plum page is missing because apparently plums aren't in season in December, and you cant find them at any local Stop & Shops!

"On Monday he ate through one apple. But he was still hungry." 
We cut up a few of each fruit for the appetizer table, but saved one whole fruit to stick the sign in... I used a long toothpick and taped it to the back. Since one side is sharp, it was easy to stick into the fruit.

"On Tuesday he ate through two pears. But he was still hungry." 

"On Thursday he ate through four strawberries. But he was still hungry." 

"On Friday he ate through five oranges. But he was still hungry." 

We used balloons to simulate a caterpillar over the food table.

I put out a copy of the book on the gift table as a guestbook, with a little sign above asking to sign. I wish I had used a large copy instead of a boardbook, because a lot of people didn't even see it.

Some little "apple" cupcakes with a caterpillar crawing through...

The Very Hungry cake created by my best friend.

The inside of the cake! Awesome!

Ty's "smash cake"

Big boy blowing out the candles. He loves to be the center of attention.

The goodie-bag table.

A closer look at the goodie-bags. There were only 8 kids at the party, so it was easy to personalize the goodie-bags; The kids ranged from 1 year to 8 years. At target I found: "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" themed: Snack Containers, Sippy Cups, Small Buckets, & Kid's socks. I personalized each snack container/sippy cup (based on age) with the child's name, and filled them with Hershey kisses. The girl's buckets were filled with bows and other girly things, boy's buckets were filled with cars and stretchy lizards. I had no luck finding cheap copies of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar in bulk online, so I went to a small local thrifty bookstore and found like 20 brand new copies of Eric Carle's "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?" Each for only $1.00! (Originally like $8.00 each); I figured, they were both by Eric Carle, and it was such a good deal, I couldn't pass it up! So each child got a copy. Last, I printed out name tags with a caterpillar on each. I was very proud of these.

Snack container & Sippy cup

Some of the different buckets from the centerpieces & goodie-bags.

The very happy birthday boy with his own little smash cake.

At the beginning of the party he was in his little suit... 

14 Days of Valentines

Ever since I became addicted to Pinterest, I've been using it for many cute ideas. The most recent venture is the Valentine's Day project for my boyfriend. "The 14 Days of Valentines." I'm planning on sticking one in his lunchbox everyday for work, and the bigger ones I'll give to him on the weekends. I always have clever gifts for him, but I was slacking around Christmas time. I made a bunch of the tags myself, the rest I downloaded for free from:

This is the final product.

"Have a great day, cupcake."For Christmas one of the kids in my class gave me this awesome one-cupcake-to-go container. I'm planning on sending this one on Valentine's Day, I'll be making cupcakes for my son's class, so I'll toss one in here!

"We make a great combo."
Combos are actually harder to locate than you'd expect... at least for me they were.. and they only had pizza flavor.. hopefully my boyfriend is a fan..

"You rock my world."
Pop Rocks are also difficult to find.. neither Stop & Shop or Target had them.. I finaly found them at Walgreens.

"We were mint to be together."
This is one of the printables that I created.. the original one I saw used lifesavers, but junior mints are tastier.

"You stole a piece of my heart."
Now they have all kinds of "Pieces" not just Reeses! There's York Peppermint Patty Pieces and many others if you don't like peanut butter.

"You are one hot tamale."
I don't think either of us like this candy but its a cute idea! I was contemplating getting him a gift card to a local restaurant called "Hot Tamales..." just another idea.

"I heart you."
This can be used with any heart shaped Valentine's Day candy.  I used Reese's because they're his favorite!

"I'm nuts about you."
You could tie this to any kind of nuts.

"You are the apple of my eye."
I put the tag on a small bottle of apple juice, because my boyfriend loves it. The original had an apple.

"I wouldn't chews anyone but you."
I used a pack of Orbit gum, but you could use anything chewy, like laffy taffy or starbursts.

"Life would be unbearable without you."
I also saw a caption that said "I couldn't bear to live without you."

"I've got a crush on you."
Crush orange soda.. i think they make other flavors, but my grocery store only had orange.

"You make my heart bounce."
Literally the only bouncy ball I could find was this pink spikey light-up one... but you could use  bounce dryer sheets too.

These are the tags I created myself using microsoft word... not too fancy.. I found some Valentines fonts on Pinterest and downloaded them.. the hearts are a font called "Hearts Shapes Tfb".

feel free to take if you wish!