Monday, July 15, 2013

Mason Jars!

So I recently saw some cool mason jar ideas on Pinterest! I decided to try the see-through colored mason jars. I mixed mod-podge and several drops of different food colorings in the bottom of the mason jar and just tilted the jar in different directions until it was covered in the mod-podge/food coloring. I then rested them upside-down on a paper plate to let the excess mod-podge drip out, for about an hour, then I let them air dry for 24 hrs. I took photos every few hours to see the progress; when you initially coat them in the mod-podge/food coloring mixture, the jars look pastel, but once they dry they are see-through and bright colors.
this is right after i covered them in the mod-podge mixture

a couple hours later you can see them starting to dry

as they keep drying they become brighter

almost there!

before bed, almost dry but not quite

the next morning! done!

for the bathroom! i haven't decided what to do with the rest yet!

I also decided to just paint the insides of a few with acrylic paint to see how it would come out...

I used the acrylic painted ones to style the kitchen where I have a more subtle look going, not too bright. 

This project was super easy! It took about a minute to complete each jar... the long part was the drying and waiting!!

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