Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Goodies!

Christmas desserts! Here are some fun Christmas themed desserts I made this year to serve at our Christmas parties!
First off, "Reindeer Poop!"
 This Reindeer Poop was definitely a 'Pinterest Fail" one of the kids in my class gave me a batch and tey were delicious! So naturally, I looked up a recipe on Pinterest to make my own and share the deliciousness with everyone else! I found the recipe here: http://sosimplystephanie.hubpages.com/hub/christmas-oreo-cookie-balls
The hardest part was coating the oreo balls with chocolate!! They looked horrible, but they still tasted good!!

Next Up, "Hot Cocoa Cupcakes"
These are just your basic boxed chocolate cupcake, but they are topped with vanilla frosting and mini marshmallows to look like a cup of hot cocoa! I added a little candy cane on each cupcake to make it look festive! Super cute!

Just your classic funfetti cupcakes, topped with a variety of Christmas sprinkles! They all look a little bit different but are all equally yummy!

 Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ty's 2nd Birthday!

Ty turned 2! He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so that was the theme! Since he is a December baby and we live in a tiny house, party planning is difficult! We had the party at The Little Gym. They have all kinds of gymnastics equipment for toddlers! He had a blast!!
This was the invitation! It came out great, just as pictured, I had to order as a printable and have printed myself, I found on etsy from: AmandasPartiesToGo

 My sister ordered this shirt for him off of Etsy! super cute!
 Luckily my best friend is pretty much the cake boss of CT, so she made this awesome Toodles cake!
 The cupcakes were even more amazing with each different Mickey character represented! She is the best!

 The dessert table!
 My own masterpiece of Mickey cupcakes made with crushed mini oreos as the topping, and 2 mini oreo halves as ears!

 We also handed out Mickey and Minnie ears to everyone as they arrived! Not very practical for the kids during a party where they are running and flipping, but they were cute! My sister ordered them off etsy.

Goodie Bags! (or buckets) I hate giving rinky dink toys that no one wants, so instead I try to do a more practical goodie bag, each bucket was $1 from the Dollar Tree, I purchased Mickey shaped chalkboard labels on Etsy from: VintageBlooming  and wrote each kids name in chalkboard marker. 
Inside are:
  •  Mickey Mouse coloring book
  • Mickey Mouse story book/or/Mickey puzzle (depending on age of child)
  • Straw cup with Mickey Mouse chalkboard label  
 (all $1 from Dollar Tree)
 and a few snacks: 
  • Motts applesauce to go
  • Dried apples (which happens to have photos of Mickey on the packaging & also one of Ty's favorite snacks)
  • A small bag of goldfish
(no cheap candy/junk) I bought all the snacks in bulk at BJ's so anything extra, I just kept for Tyler to bring to school for snack. I probably spent about $4 on each goodie bucket, and hopefully everyone got good use out of them! Extra buckets, I have around the house storing Ty's things.
It was a great party!!