Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Goodies!

Christmas desserts! Here are some fun Christmas themed desserts I made this year to serve at our Christmas parties!
First off, "Reindeer Poop!"
 This Reindeer Poop was definitely a 'Pinterest Fail" one of the kids in my class gave me a batch and tey were delicious! So naturally, I looked up a recipe on Pinterest to make my own and share the deliciousness with everyone else! I found the recipe here: http://sosimplystephanie.hubpages.com/hub/christmas-oreo-cookie-balls
The hardest part was coating the oreo balls with chocolate!! They looked horrible, but they still tasted good!!

Next Up, "Hot Cocoa Cupcakes"
These are just your basic boxed chocolate cupcake, but they are topped with vanilla frosting and mini marshmallows to look like a cup of hot cocoa! I added a little candy cane on each cupcake to make it look festive! Super cute!

Just your classic funfetti cupcakes, topped with a variety of Christmas sprinkles! They all look a little bit different but are all equally yummy!

 Merry Christmas!!!

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