Saturday, November 15, 2014

DIY Matchbox Car Garage

Tyler has a million cars, LITERALLY like a million cars. And what do boys do when they are looking for a particular car in the millions of cars in the bucket? THEY DUMP THE BUCKET! So there they are, all million cars, on the floor, getting kicked around. All of this to find 1 measly car. So I took to Pinterest to find an inexpensive solution, and I found this:
a DIY car garage made from a $15 shoe rack at Bed Bath and Beyond. I ran to the nearest BBB and started my project. The directions are clear and simple, I put the whole thing together myself and I spray painted it too! (Hubby wasnt too happy because I spray painted it in the driveway... oops) Its great! Its mounted to the wall and its perfect for all of the small Hotwheels cars! Check out the Lo and Behold Life blog for the full tutorial:

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