Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wedding Party Shadowbox!

We didn't have a traditional wedding... we actually went to city hall one afternoon and got hitched.. on a freezing, snowy day in February. and to celebrate, we decided to throw a huge party at our new house! In June, when it was warmer. One of the gifts we received was a beautiful custom shadowbox. 

My first thought... what am I supposed to put in this thing?! So of course, I looked up on Pinterest and found some ideas. And here it is!

We didn't have a usual wedding, so we didn't have some of the things most people would put in their wedding shadowbox. So I added: our wedding announcement, our party invitation, our thank-you card, our party favors: koozies, and my bouquet! (Matt thought I was crazy for keeping the flowers, but they preserved nicely!) Everything fits perfectly! It was nice because I still had all of these things hanging on my fridge, and now they finally have a place to be stored where we can still see them. 

The koozies on one said says: "Steph & Matt 2015" With 2 Adirondack chairs, that side sold me on them. And the back reads: "to have and to hold and to keep your beer cold" we got them in 2 different colors for variety and they were a great price! from: RookDesignCo 
I was going to put our cake topper in, but it was too big, (we had 2 blue Adirondack chairs.)
you can't really see with the glare, but etched in the glass reads: "The Carfo's February 13, 2015" Its adorable and a great decor piece to store great memories!

Thought I would post for anyone looking for ideas to put in their own wedding shadowbox!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Master Bedroom Makeover

This is the last room to post besides the master bathroom which isn't quite done.. so I'll post it when its complete! (hopefully in a month or so..) 
This bedroom was ok, the lavender carpet looked really clean and new, so we kept it for now. We took down the nice pink border, and painted the walls.
A nice bonus of this space, is we have a small porch outside, we plan to get a couple chairs to put out there to enjoy in warm weather.

  This room is still a work in progress, we just added curtains and more photos (not pictured) The bedroom furniture was my parents, it's all black, so within the next few months I plan to paint it grey? (I think, not positive yet.) And I'm  also thinking about building a new headboard. We'll see! When I take on those projects I'll make sure I do before and afters!

Once the master bathroom is done, I want this room to feel like a cozy retreat, So we will do some more work, but it is good for now! I got some nice frames from Hobby Lobby and hung some black and white wedding pictures above our bed.

 Before and after
There will be more future updates to this space!

Now that we are redoing the master bath, I wanted to start to redo our bedroom design. I added curtains over the door and the window, and we got a new comforter set. 
We also painted the walls. The original color it was painted when we moved in was wrong, I think the paint was labelled wrong, so we repainted Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay, and I love it! Definitely more neutral and calm than the last color, not so bright.
 We also added a chair, however, it wont stay in that location, we are going to move it to another corner once we get all of the bathroom materials out! The chair was in the living room, but we got a new set of chairs for Christmas, so we are moving it up to our bedroom!

Will update when the bathroom is done for a complete look at the space! 

Ty's Big Boy Bedroom

Alright, so here is Ty's bedroom, before. As you can see there is a nice blue camouflage border.. again with the stained blue carpet, and a totally outdated light fixture. I took down the border, which wasn't too difficult, we painted it another shade of blue, and added a neutral carpet.
 So here it is! Ty's new bedroom. The layout is a bit awkward with the window where it is. Also, Ty's bed was custom made to fit the wall at our old place, so it was interesting trying to find a wall for it to fit here, but luckily, there was 1 wall that it just barely fit!
 I used one of the dressers I got in the set off craigslist, I liked that it was white and matched his bed. I went to Hobby Lobby and found some cool knobs to use on it.

When we moved in last year, the theme was still Nautical like in our old house, so as of right now, we are in the process from changing the theme from nautical to racecars... there is still some boat decor displayed, so lets just call it 'Transportation' right now. 
I found the 'vroom' racecar print from Target! I got it because it was an antique racecar just like the sheets, so it fit perfectly.
I found this race car sheet set at Homegoods, it was perfect. It was the same colors as his nautical bed sheets so it already matches everything! We had to get it!
Last year when we had upgraded to the big boy bed, I invested in this reversible comforter from Target, I think it was $20 online. One side is plain navy, the other side white and navy stripes. I chose it because its neutral and can go with many things. And now I'm glad I did since we are changing from boats to cars and it still matches!

I look for race car things when we go shopping so I am slowly switching things out as we go. No rush!

before and after!

Guest Bedroom refresh

So this house came with 3 bedrooms and right now we only need 2, so we made our extra room into a guest bedroom. 
As you can see, the nice stained blue carpet from the hallway ran right it. This bedroom actually didn't need much. So we put in new carpet, and painted a neutral color (same as the hallway/living room)
 I had found a bedroom set with a twin bed, 2 dressers and a nightstand on craigslist for $100 bucks, right in the next town. So I jumped on it! However, having a twin bed in a guest room isn't very practical.
(Side story: when our friend moved to Texas, he left all of his furniture in his old bedroom at home.)
SO when our friends came to stay with us from, Texas, Matt went to his house and took his bed and brought it to our guest room! (perfect right)
I wanted him to take all the furniture, sheets and all, so we could recreate his old bedroom in our house. Matt thought that was a little extravagant.
So for now we have this huge mismatched bed, and half of the craigslist set. We dont have guests often so its not a big deal! But at least it didnt become a junk room!
Before and after! A little paint, carpet, and furniture updates a space easily!

Upstairs Hallway Update

The upstairs hallway leading to the bedrooms was... ugly. With a bright blue STAINED carpet! (that ran into the bedrooms!) It also has a large landing space at the top. On both sides of the hall, it overlooks the living room--- as pictured, and the other side overlooks the front entry.
There's the old "stained glass" doorway, and here is our nice little... display area? not sure what you would call that.... (PS, we still haven't figured out what to put up there besides a Christmas tree at Christmas time... IDEAS WELCOME!)
  We utilized this space by adding some reclining sitting chairs. (not really my style, but they were my dads and he gave to us for free, so they fill the space.
We replaced the carpet with a light berber (same we used in the playroom) we wanted something that was durable and wouldn't show too much dirt, as people would be walking through this area often. 
We also painted the same color as the living room, a light tan, to brighten.

There is a skylight right above the chairs so that's where the beam of light is coming from!
Here is another view, we also found some prints of vintage race cars with brown matte's that fit perfectly with the chairs, so we hung above...

My next project..... the wall going upstairs... I just ordered a ton of prints, I will be creating a gallery wall of photos! Will post when done!

Ok so here it is, before & after
Simple update of paint, carpet, and adding furniture!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Play Room Makeover!

The playroom just needed minor cosmetic fixes... the carpet was old and dingy, and the walls needed to be painted..... so here is the before... BORING.
 We went with a light green wall color, something to brighten it up, but not too powerful. And we put in a more durable, berber carpet. We also had the carpet company put some extra padding under the carpet, because for some reason the floor was so hard! Even with the old carpet there.

We had one cube storage unit from his old playroom, that we got at target. Unfortunately, all of the old bins were falling apart, but I found new navy ones at Christmas Tree Shops for next to nothing! The larger cube units were given to us with the green buckets, which fit perfect! A coworker of mine gave us the Lego table! I found some cute prints to go in there, the canvas map of the USA, I found at Homegoods, and I loved it. and the Cars print is from Hobby Lobby!
We have some of Tyler's artwork displayed in there, along with the rest on the kitchen pantry. You can see his car garage, still going strong!
One car rug is from Ikea, I think it was like $10, the other is from the Cars movie, I found at BJ's!

After I took these photos, I found some more prints that I loved, so I rearranged the artwork a little bit. 
 Both of these canvas prints are from Target. The Eric Carle alphabet one was $30, we got it when we lived at our old place, but we love Eric Carle, so we had to have it.
I found the 4 pack of Dr. Seuss canvases there too, "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish." too cute to pass up.

 At some point, I had bought a 'Mater's Tall Tales' coloring book from Christmas Tree Shops, Ty LOVES them, and it came with a bunch of 'baseball cards' that look like movie posters for the different tall tales. I have been meaning to display them for months now... and I finally did it!
 I went to AC Moore and got 2 different sized frames (for $5) and some scrapbook paper (1 sheet fits perfectly inside the square frame, the other had to be trimmed just a little) and mounted each card on a small colored paper, and arranged inside. They are bright and fun and Ty thinks they are so funny!

 I displayed them next to the large Cars canvas, above his car garage.. seemed like an appropriate spot!

 I decided to create labels for all of his toy bins. I simply searched Google Images for the different toys and wrote the name under the photo. It makes it easier for the kids to find what they need (instead of dumping all of the buckets, looking for one toy)
Nothing too crazy here, just cut them out and taped them on with clear packing tape. They are holding up well so far, I believe they have been on there for about 2 months without falling off!
So there it is! The before and after of Tyler's playroom. It's always a work in progress as he grows and becomes interested in new things, we'll keep working on it!

We just added this large Kallax shelf from Ikea to the playroom! Since Ty has so many freakin' toys and he actually plays with all of them, we needed more storage! Especially since we'll soon be adding baby's toys! Much more organized now!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Family Room Design

This living room was just a big empty space! The wall color wasn't horrible, but we lightened it up, and refinished the hardwood floors.
 Unfortunately, we kept the ceiling fan because "it wasn't that bad". But at least the giant hole in the wall was patched.. were assuming there was some kind of illegal chimney or fireplace there, but it was gone before we bought it!


 We did not add any curtains or window treatments, because I love the huge open windows and there isn't much of a glare, so it doesn't bother us! just a great view! (yes, Doc McStuffins is on, Disney Jr is big in our house!) The large letter 'C' above the desk is from Hobby Lobby! I'm pretty sure it was about $10. I love it!
 We bought new furniture from Pilgrim. We needed a dark color with a toddler, we did not want to worry about staining or spots. We got a purple chair as an accent, and I wanted pops of blue, so we got a dark blue rug, so it doesn't show too much dirt. And we got a variety of throw pillows in teal, green, and purple to complete the look.
The end tables, we found on craigslist when we moved into our FIRST apartment, years ago. I love them. and the coffee table is a storage chest we found at a local antique shop.
We filled the sunken space with a large desk for our computers, and I utilized this wall as my gallery wall! It is still a work in progress, it has slowly grown over the year as I've found more frames to match.. here is a closer look! 
All the frames are brown, wood, and teal. The letter C was a perfect addition, and all of my cute Etsy signs I find fit perfectly!! "you are the sprinkles on my ice cream"& "you are the icing on my cupcake" & "you are the only fish in the sea for me" etc.. It came out exactly how I pictured, just need to add some new photos to some of the frames!

 *****Recently updated! I added a few more frames to expand!

Before and after! Definitely added some life to this room!

UPDATE! 1-16-16
For Christmas we asked for chairs and a new rug for the living room, and fortunately we received them! I am beyond excited with the new look, much brighter!
 The rug is from Bed Bath and Beyond. I love it because there is so much variation in color, it is hard for stains to show, and it is brown to match the furniture, but also has pops of blue and lime green which Ive been wanting!
The chairs I searched and searched online for 'teal chairs' that weren't a thousand dollars, and I finally found them at some furniture store in Minnesota I think, so it took a month for them to finally get to me, but they are perfect and fit well with our couch-loveseat set!
 The puppy literally followed me around while I was taking these photos, he really wanted to get in the picture!
I LOVE how everything turned out! Just as I pictured.

Front Entry Update

The front entry was interesting... The stained glass window is pretty cool and unique right.... except it had a huge crack in it... and the "stained glass" part is actually a sticker! YES a sticker... I'm not going to lie it took me about a month to realize it wasnt real stained glass.. and right after I found out, I saw the decals for sale at Home Depot.. so weird! Anyway, it was cracked, so it had to go!

 We called in a contractor for this job, Matt's cousin re-did the doorway for us, we did away with the large glass window, it freaked me out, just having a large clear glass window next to the entry... so we just put up drywall and added a coat rack.
 We also switched the way the door opens so it no longer opens into the laundry room door, instead it swings open into nothing, just the coat rack behind it.
Thats it for the entry way!
In case you haven't noticed, there is a large platform above the front door... we still aren't sure what to do with the space! At Christmastime we put a small Christmas tree with a train set around it.. but I am open to ideas for what to decorate it with for the other 10 months of the year! 
Thanks in advance!!

UPDATE 1-16-16
 We got this awesome sign with our last name for Christmas, So I added it to the entryway I thought it would be perfect right when you walk in!
We also got the large clock we had put on our wedding registry forever ago, The location is great because you can see it from upstairs and downstairs.

You can see the Christmas tree up top of our awkward landing, it is literally the ONLY Christmas decoration still up! I want to leave it for a while because we still have not found anything to go there! still waiting for ideas! Thanks!