Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dining Room Update

Dining Room Remodel: So this wasn't one of the biggest projects, just a few updates to the dining room. First of all, the maroon walls made it feel way too small. And the french doors needed to be replaced. We painted the walls a neutral color that we also used in the living room too. We also refinished the hardwood floors that were scratched.



 We reused the light fixture because it wasn't too bad. The table was my grandparents from their first house, I just left it alone. The ends actually pull out to extend the table to seat 6. The chairs I found on craigslist, they were selling for $10 each so I got all 4 for $40! I sanded them down and painted them myself.
I actually reused paint that we had left over from the outside of our house (Dark blue) and the paint we used to paint the island in the kitchen (Light blue) I get a lot of compliments on my blue chairs! 
The bench I found at a local antique place, it was old and black, so I sanded and repainted it a neutral greige (grey-beige) color. When we need more seats we just pull the bench over to the table!
When I get time, I want to paint vertical stripes on this wall, using the paint that's already there along with a slightly darker color, we'll see when I get to that!

Since I uploaded the updated pics, we actually rearranged a little bit....
 Above our little liquor cabinet, I made a rake-wine-glass-holder. I saw this on pinterest and loved it immediately, I just had to find the perfect place to hang it! What better place than above a liquor & wine cabinet!
 And we moved the coral canvases (that I found at Homegoods for $25 on clearance) above the bench. I think they look better here anyway. I removed the small black and white collage because I'll be moving those photos to a new location (my next project). Win-win.

UPDATE 1-16-16 

 A couple updates to the dining room, we simply took the carpet from the living room and moved in here after we got the new one. it matches perfectly, but I'm not sold on the size, i think its too big for the room.
 We added a little dog tail hook to hang all of Toby's things by the back door where we let him out.

So that's it! Our dining room went from dark and drab to light and bright!

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