Saturday, October 17, 2015

Family Room Design

This living room was just a big empty space! The wall color wasn't horrible, but we lightened it up, and refinished the hardwood floors.
 Unfortunately, we kept the ceiling fan because "it wasn't that bad". But at least the giant hole in the wall was patched.. were assuming there was some kind of illegal chimney or fireplace there, but it was gone before we bought it!


 We did not add any curtains or window treatments, because I love the huge open windows and there isn't much of a glare, so it doesn't bother us! just a great view! (yes, Doc McStuffins is on, Disney Jr is big in our house!) The large letter 'C' above the desk is from Hobby Lobby! I'm pretty sure it was about $10. I love it!
 We bought new furniture from Pilgrim. We needed a dark color with a toddler, we did not want to worry about staining or spots. We got a purple chair as an accent, and I wanted pops of blue, so we got a dark blue rug, so it doesn't show too much dirt. And we got a variety of throw pillows in teal, green, and purple to complete the look.
The end tables, we found on craigslist when we moved into our FIRST apartment, years ago. I love them. and the coffee table is a storage chest we found at a local antique shop.
We filled the sunken space with a large desk for our computers, and I utilized this wall as my gallery wall! It is still a work in progress, it has slowly grown over the year as I've found more frames to match.. here is a closer look! 
All the frames are brown, wood, and teal. The letter C was a perfect addition, and all of my cute Etsy signs I find fit perfectly!! "you are the sprinkles on my ice cream"& "you are the icing on my cupcake" & "you are the only fish in the sea for me" etc.. It came out exactly how I pictured, just need to add some new photos to some of the frames!

 *****Recently updated! I added a few more frames to expand!

Before and after! Definitely added some life to this room!

UPDATE! 1-16-16
For Christmas we asked for chairs and a new rug for the living room, and fortunately we received them! I am beyond excited with the new look, much brighter!
 The rug is from Bed Bath and Beyond. I love it because there is so much variation in color, it is hard for stains to show, and it is brown to match the furniture, but also has pops of blue and lime green which Ive been wanting!
The chairs I searched and searched online for 'teal chairs' that weren't a thousand dollars, and I finally found them at some furniture store in Minnesota I think, so it took a month for them to finally get to me, but they are perfect and fit well with our couch-loveseat set!
 The puppy literally followed me around while I was taking these photos, he really wanted to get in the picture!
I LOVE how everything turned out! Just as I pictured.

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