Saturday, October 17, 2015

Half Bath & Laundry Room Upgrade

These 2 rooms were quick fixes! A few simple changes, and the spaces were instantly updated!
 This bathroom actually looked updated... the only room in the house that was updated when we bought it... the smallest room! There was a new toilet and vanity, they painted the trim to match the vanity (weird) and there was no light fixture. 
 The laundry room! Pretty big! Considering our last laundry room was LITERALLY a closet with a stacker, you can actually store things in here! Except the cabinets were falling apart.....


 We painted the bathroom a light green, added some decor, and ta-da! Done. A cute little half bath for the first floor!

..and the laundry room! The color came out a little brighter than expected... but its just the laundry room, no biggie. We got the washer and dryer less than 2 years old off of a tagsale website for $400. They aren't fancy front loaders but they do the job! And we just took the doors off the cheap upper cabinets, the base cabinets were fine, but the doors were cheap and flimsy so we removed them! Plenty of room for our cleaning supplies!
(PS these rooms are back to back in the house, hence why the posts are together)

Quick, easy ways to upgrade small, boring spaces!

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