Saturday, October 17, 2015

Home Renovation!

It will be one year ago, next week that we moved into our first house. I mean, we owned the last house we lived in but it was an apartment, and we had tenants on the first floor, so this is our first real house. Where we own the whole thing. All 2 acres!
So this house was a foreclosure, there were only like 3 photos online and we were looking at other houses in the area, so we came and took a look. It was wayyy better than expected. No major renovations needed to move in, just some minor updates. It wasn't pretty, but it was liveable. Things we could do over time. Plus it had a ton of land, over 2 acres of land, and a brook in the back yard. Not a beach, but the closest you're going to get living out here. So we took the plunge, got an FHA renovation loan so we had $40,000 to put into the house, right off the bat, and boy did it go quick! So here are all of the before and afters. I will post each room individually with updates done and details about decor. but here is the over view...

Half Bathroom

 Dining Room







 Living Room




Upstairs Hallway


Master Bedroom

Ty's bedroom




Guest Bedroom


 Ty's Bathroom


 Master Bathroom

So one thing you may have noticed... the master bathroom isn't much of an upgrade.. however we are working on it!! We finally have the money (mostly gifted) to help us build the bathroom of our dreams! So hopefully it will be done in the next couple months, but I mean even with it not done, its still better than before, I mean come on, magenta walls? Its too bad you all cant see the flowered tile on the tub. Its horrible. Whoever designed this bathroom in the 80's was seriously disturbed.

 And last but not least... the yard!! (I have to find before's because it did NOT look like this!!)

Again, I'll be posting about each room individually about what we did to update!

Stay tuned!!

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