Saturday, October 17, 2015

DIY Kitchen Renovation

Our kitchen renovation consisted of updating what was already there! We don't have enough money for a total overhaul, so we did what we could to make our 80's kitchen feel new!
Isnt it beautiful? Pink countertops and backsplash, every girl's dream!
They used an interesting combination of red and green paint around the house..
Tyler was excited to paint these outdated cabinets!

We decided to paint the cabinets white, painting is easier and quicker than staining. I wanted a blue island, I sanded and painted myself! and I love the color. Compliments the other cabinets and the backsplash well.
and instead of spending thousands on stone countertops, we bought a laminate roll and covered the old pink ones.

 The cabinets are much better in white! (Sherwin Williams Snowbound) I sanded and painted the bases on my own! We took the doors and drawers into the garage, I sanded them, then my dad and hubby sprayed them with the spray gun. Some had bubbles, so we had to wait for them to dry and resand and repaint, those I repainted using a roller, like I did with the base cabinets.

I went a little crazy with the blue, I thought the microwave shelf would be a nice accent in blue, unfortunately you can barely see it with the microwave in there!

And after!
We ended up making the island top bigger. We got a couple sheets of particle board from home depot, trimmed a little, and covered with the laminate roll. Now there is enough room for 4 stools to sit!
Pretty much everything new is courtesy of Home Depot; the pendant lights, backsplash, laminate roll.

The stools are from Amazon, $30 each! We left our other stools at our old apartment for the new tenants because they were extra tall, these are the standard height.

 The only appliance this place came with was a stinky old fridge, so that means all new appliances! We got all new stainless steel GE appliances from Hallocks, a local scratch-and-dent warehouse.
The wall color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt : my all time favorite paint color! Our first apartment's kitchen was this color and I'm obsessed!
The tile was in good condition surprisingly. One tile in that entire kitchen has a small crack in it, the rest is great condition, so we kept it.

I put up some cute little box signs around the window that I've acquired over time. 'The sun and the sand and a drink in my hand", "it's wine o'clock", "no shirt no shoes no problem", and 'it's 5:00 somewhere." For a while, there was nothing there and it just seemed kind of blank, I think its better now.
The eating area with the garage door. I painted the garage door with chalkboard paint, plus its magnetic!

 We moved the framed photo of the Cape Cod Marsh that's across from First Encounter Beach in Eastham, to the kitchen, to go along with my light beachy theme in here. It fits great in that spot.
 We added a ceiling fan (from Home Depot) and one of Matt's friends gave us the table and chairs for free! Perfect for the space. The green hutch we bought off Craigslist when we were living in our old apartment, which had NO storage. Fortunately, this place has a ton of space to fill! Ultimately we'd like to cover the fireplace paneling with stone and add a nice mantel.. eventually....
Our dream pantry! So much storage! If you saw our old place you'd see what a difference it is!!
 Our mini command center, located on the wall you see when you walk in the garage door.
I like it because it offers decent space for our things, and you can't see it from the main kitchen because its on the back wall in our little makeshift mudroom are. We have a calendar and weekly schedule, and I taped Tyler's school calendars and schedule here too.

Before and afters:

From wood and pink... to light and bright! (the theme I'm going for in this house) 
We were very happy with this transformation!

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