Monday, October 19, 2015

Master Bedroom Makeover

This is the last room to post besides the master bathroom which isn't quite done.. so I'll post it when its complete! (hopefully in a month or so..) 
This bedroom was ok, the lavender carpet looked really clean and new, so we kept it for now. We took down the nice pink border, and painted the walls.
A nice bonus of this space, is we have a small porch outside, we plan to get a couple chairs to put out there to enjoy in warm weather.

  This room is still a work in progress, we just added curtains and more photos (not pictured) The bedroom furniture was my parents, it's all black, so within the next few months I plan to paint it grey? (I think, not positive yet.) And I'm  also thinking about building a new headboard. We'll see! When I take on those projects I'll make sure I do before and afters!

Once the master bathroom is done, I want this room to feel like a cozy retreat, So we will do some more work, but it is good for now! I got some nice frames from Hobby Lobby and hung some black and white wedding pictures above our bed.

 Before and after
There will be more future updates to this space!

Now that we are redoing the master bath, I wanted to start to redo our bedroom design. I added curtains over the door and the window, and we got a new comforter set. 
We also painted the walls. The original color it was painted when we moved in was wrong, I think the paint was labelled wrong, so we repainted Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay, and I love it! Definitely more neutral and calm than the last color, not so bright.
 We also added a chair, however, it wont stay in that location, we are going to move it to another corner once we get all of the bathroom materials out! The chair was in the living room, but we got a new set of chairs for Christmas, so we are moving it up to our bedroom!

Will update when the bathroom is done for a complete look at the space! 

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