Sunday, October 18, 2015

Play Room Makeover!

The playroom just needed minor cosmetic fixes... the carpet was old and dingy, and the walls needed to be painted..... so here is the before... BORING.
 We went with a light green wall color, something to brighten it up, but not too powerful. And we put in a more durable, berber carpet. We also had the carpet company put some extra padding under the carpet, because for some reason the floor was so hard! Even with the old carpet there.

We had one cube storage unit from his old playroom, that we got at target. Unfortunately, all of the old bins were falling apart, but I found new navy ones at Christmas Tree Shops for next to nothing! The larger cube units were given to us with the green buckets, which fit perfect! A coworker of mine gave us the Lego table! I found some cute prints to go in there, the canvas map of the USA, I found at Homegoods, and I loved it. and the Cars print is from Hobby Lobby!
We have some of Tyler's artwork displayed in there, along with the rest on the kitchen pantry. You can see his car garage, still going strong!
One car rug is from Ikea, I think it was like $10, the other is from the Cars movie, I found at BJ's!

After I took these photos, I found some more prints that I loved, so I rearranged the artwork a little bit. 
 Both of these canvas prints are from Target. The Eric Carle alphabet one was $30, we got it when we lived at our old place, but we love Eric Carle, so we had to have it.
I found the 4 pack of Dr. Seuss canvases there too, "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish." too cute to pass up.

 At some point, I had bought a 'Mater's Tall Tales' coloring book from Christmas Tree Shops, Ty LOVES them, and it came with a bunch of 'baseball cards' that look like movie posters for the different tall tales. I have been meaning to display them for months now... and I finally did it!
 I went to AC Moore and got 2 different sized frames (for $5) and some scrapbook paper (1 sheet fits perfectly inside the square frame, the other had to be trimmed just a little) and mounted each card on a small colored paper, and arranged inside. They are bright and fun and Ty thinks they are so funny!

 I displayed them next to the large Cars canvas, above his car garage.. seemed like an appropriate spot!

 I decided to create labels for all of his toy bins. I simply searched Google Images for the different toys and wrote the name under the photo. It makes it easier for the kids to find what they need (instead of dumping all of the buckets, looking for one toy)
Nothing too crazy here, just cut them out and taped them on with clear packing tape. They are holding up well so far, I believe they have been on there for about 2 months without falling off!
So there it is! The before and after of Tyler's playroom. It's always a work in progress as he grows and becomes interested in new things, we'll keep working on it!

We just added this large Kallax shelf from Ikea to the playroom! Since Ty has so many freakin' toys and he actually plays with all of them, we needed more storage! Especially since we'll soon be adding baby's toys! Much more organized now!!

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