Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ty's 3rd Birthday!

Okso, Ty's party was totally overshadowed this year! First of all, its right before Christmas, which we are hosting at our new home, that we just moved into about a month ago, that we've been renovating, so there's alot going on!

The invitiation, I found on etsy from: LetsPartyShoppe it came out just as I  pictured! I love that his name is in the Cars Movie font. I ordered the printable file had printed at walgreens, super easy.
We still had a party, we did it at Tumble Jungle, it is similar to the place we used last year (The Little Gym) it has toddler sized gymnastics equipment, but this place ALSO has a trampoline built into the floor, a zipline, and a foam pit, (all toddler sized!) Ty had a blast, all of his best friends were there.

We did a Cars themed party, his newest obsession. No crazy cake this year, we just did Funfetti cupcakes with little Cars flags and cupcake shells, and pizza. Our simplest party yet for our little man!

Goodie Buckets!
I got some more chalkboard labels from Etsy, they didnt have car shaped so I just got regular, and picked up some small buckets and Cars stickers from Party City. Ty helped me stick car stickers on the buckets and I wrote each child's name on the bucket using the chalkboard markers I had bought last year.
Inside each bucket is:
  • a small Cars book (50 cents from Dollar Tree)
  • A small bag of Pirates Booty
  • A chewy bar
  • A rice krispie treat
  • Cars stickers
  • Toy cars
This year I probably spent about $3 per bucket (a little less than last year) these were also geared for kids a little older, (preschool) where as at last year's party he had many small toddlers.
 Happy Holidays!

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