Monday, October 19, 2015

Ty's Big Boy Bedroom

Alright, so here is Ty's bedroom, before. As you can see there is a nice blue camouflage border.. again with the stained blue carpet, and a totally outdated light fixture. I took down the border, which wasn't too difficult, we painted it another shade of blue, and added a neutral carpet.
 So here it is! Ty's new bedroom. The layout is a bit awkward with the window where it is. Also, Ty's bed was custom made to fit the wall at our old place, so it was interesting trying to find a wall for it to fit here, but luckily, there was 1 wall that it just barely fit!
 I used one of the dressers I got in the set off craigslist, I liked that it was white and matched his bed. I went to Hobby Lobby and found some cool knobs to use on it.

When we moved in last year, the theme was still Nautical like in our old house, so as of right now, we are in the process from changing the theme from nautical to racecars... there is still some boat decor displayed, so lets just call it 'Transportation' right now. 
I found the 'vroom' racecar print from Target! I got it because it was an antique racecar just like the sheets, so it fit perfectly.
I found this race car sheet set at Homegoods, it was perfect. It was the same colors as his nautical bed sheets so it already matches everything! We had to get it!
Last year when we had upgraded to the big boy bed, I invested in this reversible comforter from Target, I think it was $20 online. One side is plain navy, the other side white and navy stripes. I chose it because its neutral and can go with many things. And now I'm glad I did since we are changing from boats to cars and it still matches!

I look for race car things when we go shopping so I am slowly switching things out as we go. No rush!

before and after!

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