Monday, October 19, 2015

Upstairs Hallway Update

The upstairs hallway leading to the bedrooms was... ugly. With a bright blue STAINED carpet! (that ran into the bedrooms!) It also has a large landing space at the top. On both sides of the hall, it overlooks the living room--- as pictured, and the other side overlooks the front entry.
There's the old "stained glass" doorway, and here is our nice little... display area? not sure what you would call that.... (PS, we still haven't figured out what to put up there besides a Christmas tree at Christmas time... IDEAS WELCOME!)
  We utilized this space by adding some reclining sitting chairs. (not really my style, but they were my dads and he gave to us for free, so they fill the space.
We replaced the carpet with a light berber (same we used in the playroom) we wanted something that was durable and wouldn't show too much dirt, as people would be walking through this area often. 
We also painted the same color as the living room, a light tan, to brighten.

There is a skylight right above the chairs so that's where the beam of light is coming from!
Here is another view, we also found some prints of vintage race cars with brown matte's that fit perfectly with the chairs, so we hung above...

My next project..... the wall going upstairs... I just ordered a ton of prints, I will be creating a gallery wall of photos! Will post when done!

Ok so here it is, before & after
Simple update of paint, carpet, and adding furniture!

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