Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wedding Party Shadowbox!

We didn't have a traditional wedding... we actually went to city hall one afternoon and got hitched.. on a freezing, snowy day in February. and to celebrate, we decided to throw a huge party at our new house! In June, when it was warmer. One of the gifts we received was a beautiful custom shadowbox. 

My first thought... what am I supposed to put in this thing?! So of course, I looked up on Pinterest and found some ideas. And here it is!

We didn't have a usual wedding, so we didn't have some of the things most people would put in their wedding shadowbox. So I added: our wedding announcement, our party invitation, our thank-you card, our party favors: koozies, and my bouquet! (Matt thought I was crazy for keeping the flowers, but they preserved nicely!) Everything fits perfectly! It was nice because I still had all of these things hanging on my fridge, and now they finally have a place to be stored where we can still see them. 

The koozies on one said says: "Steph & Matt 2015" With 2 Adirondack chairs, that side sold me on them. And the back reads: "to have and to hold and to keep your beer cold" we got them in 2 different colors for variety and they were a great price! from: RookDesignCo 
I was going to put our cake topper in, but it was too big, (we had 2 blue Adirondack chairs.)
you can't really see with the glare, but etched in the glass reads: "The Carfo's February 13, 2015" Its adorable and a great decor piece to store great memories!

Thought I would post for anyone looking for ideas to put in their own wedding shadowbox!

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