Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to Clean Legos Efficiently!

How to clean legos that wont take forever!

In case you havent been in the market for legos lately, they are EXPENSIVE! A large set can range between $50-$100 and you dont even get that many usable pieces!
We were lucky enough to have inherited a huge storage box of 10 year old legos, for Tyler. 
Unfortunately when these legos were packed up about 10 years ago, they were not cleaned, and there were all kinds of things mixed in! (Wrappers, crayons, etc..)
Before we wrap them up and put them under the Christmas tree, I needed to clean them, in the 2 1/2 hour time frame I have while Ty is at school. 
 I filled the tub with HOT water, and added some vinegar and Dawn dish soap (a miracle combination I use to clean many things; floors, shower, etc)
I let them soak for a while at first, then I mixed the legos around and used a collander to scoop them out and into the storage bucket.
 From the storage bucket, I dumped them onto towels in our guest bedroom, and spread out to dry.
 It took quite a few trips, and 3 full size towels. It only took about an hour to wash them all, lay to dry, and then clean out the tub.
 I left them to dry overnight (I locked the guest room door so Tyler would not see)
 They were dry the next day, when he went to school! So I scooped them all up in the towel and dumped into a new, clean bucket.
 From there, I hid in the closet, and Santa will leave for Ty on Christmas!
Nice, clean legos!

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