Friday, November 6, 2015

Stairway Gallery Wall

Our stairway has been empty since we moved in. I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to put there, the more I searched Pinterest, I decided I wanted to do a 'gallery wall'. There are so many different styles, and I'm to OCD to have it be completely random, so I went with black and white frames of all sizes, and a variety of photos. 
Here is the finished product!
 I found this blog: about creating a gallery wall, and I used her idea to trace the frames in wrapping paper. Once all the frames are traced, I also traced where the hole goes into the wall. I labeled the wrapping paper describing the frame. (black 5x7, white 8x10, etc.) The only problem with the wrapping paper is it kept curling up! it was hard to cut it out on the lines, I even put it under a heavy box over a few nights to flatten before I started taping it up, and it still curled when I took it out! So I used some extra tape.
 The beginning. I started with large frames first, and worked my way down to the small frames. This photo shows them all up!
 Once I adjusted a few, I hung the largest frames. (11x14)
 Once those were done, I did the 8x10's
 And next, the 5x7's. I was bothered by the 4th large 11x14 and how it was black when the rest were white, so I switched it out for a white one. I'm glad I did everything in the order I did, because I realized the top lower end looked a little empty...
 so I decided to get a few more frames to fill the space. Which ended up making me switch around some of the frames I had already mounted, no big deal, but I had to fix it right away!
 The finished product! from below
 and from above!

I did move a few frames around from the initial plan, but that's why its great that the shape was taped right on to the wall! no harm done. There are a total of 40 frames here. Thats alot of frames!!

At our old place, we had a small collage wall in the living room of all black frames, that's where most of these came from. (originally from Christmas Tree Shops) a couple were gifts that people had given us over the years, and the rest (all white ones) I went back to Christmas Tree Shops and got recently! I also got quite a few white mattes to use, to tie together the black and white theme.
 The total project took me about 2 weeks. obviously I wasn't slaving over it day and night, but between waiting for prints and deciding I needed more frames, it took a while.
I left the wrapping paper squares up for about a week, so I could absorb what it would look like and not rush.

Very happy with the finished product!

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