Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DIY Christmas Card Display

 I wanted a new Christmas card display to suit our large house.
My aunt hangs Christmas cards on ribbons around her doorways, and she saves them from previous years, they are so fun to look at, seeing our Christmas cards over the years from when we were kids. I wanted to do something similar... and of course I have a shoebox filled with Christmas cards from the past few years, because I cant throw away cards that have family and friend's faces on them

A few years ago, I made this super cute Christmas card holder! I used a round piece of wood I got at a craft store, painted with chalkboard paint, and hot glued green ribbon around the outside to look like a wreath, then hot glued some decorated clothespins around to hang the cards. Its super cute and I love it, however it doesn't fit too many cards, so when we moved I was looking for another solution to display Christmas cards!
 I decided to get some ribbon to hang the cards around our living space doorways!

  I headed to the craft store and got some clothespins, paint markers, spray paint, and Christmas ribbon.

I found mini spray paint cans at Hobby Lobby, for a lower price than a large can and thought it was perfect for this quick project. I laid the clothespins out on a yoga mat that I use as a backdrop, and sprayed each side of the clothespins Christmas colors.
 Once they were painted and dried, I used the paint markers to draw cute little designs on the clothespins to jazz them up.
 I hung the different ribbons around the archways from the front entry into the dining and living room.
 To seure the ribbon, I used small tacks and stuck them next to the trim, even when I take them down after Christmas, you will never see the holes!
 I would have liked to have the ribbon reach lower to the ground, but I needed them high enough so that the puppy would not reach!
 I still hung up my little wreath next to the archways, because I still do love it, so on that one, I put our old Christmas cards, and a couple others.

I love it! And these are old Christmas cards! We haven't got any for this year yet, but I am thinking I may add some ribbon around the large window in the kitchen, we'll have to wait and see!

I love looking at the old Christmas cards, most with family photos, I would hate for them to go to waste! Reuse and re-display every year for fun and personalized Christmas decor!

Merry Christmas!!

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