Tuesday, December 8, 2015

DIY Coffee Mug Teacher Gifts

Each year, I like to do something cute and creative for Tyler's teachers for Christmas, they deserve something at the end of the year for all of the work they do, and I want to give them something they will enjoy, not a crappy little gift. I am super proud of myself this year for my gifts!
Reusable Starbucks cups filled with candy and a Starbucks gift card! being in the public school, Ty now has a ton of teachers! He has a classroom teacher, 2 aides, 6 different teachers for 'specials' (gym, art, music, etc.) and 2 bus drivers, morning and afternoon. A lot of gifts.
I gathered all my supplies, I had previously gone to Starbucks and purchased gift cards of different amounts for different teachers. I found the reusable Starbucks tumblers at a different Starbucks for $2 each. Ribbon, cellophane, and tissue paper from the dollar store. Bulk candy from BJ's, a pack of candy canes, and gift tags. 
I scrunched tissue paper in each of the cups, and had Ty put a sleeve over each cup. I then added assorted candies to each cup, Tyler added 1 candy cane to each, and then I put the gift card on top. 
Cups from the top filled with candy, before being wrapped.
The finished product. I put the lid on the bottom and placed on the cellophane and wrapped and tied with a ribbon! I tied the gift tag onto the ribbon. The gift tags I had found as a free printable on Pinterest: Original Free Printable Tag. They came as a 4x6 to on a printed sheet, I decided I needed it a little smaller though, so I tweaked the tag using paint and Publisher, only keeping the shape of the cup from the original design. Here is my final tag link for download:

I will say it again, I am super proud of the final product! One of my best gift projects yet!

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