Saturday, January 16, 2016

*UPDATE! Master Bath Renovation - DIY!

The master bathroom is the only room I havent posted yet! Because we are still renovating, but I figured I'd post the progress and update as we get further along.
 So here it is, the original master bathroom in all its magenta glory....
 Theres a door separating the vanity and tub from the toilet and shower, its a tiny, dark little room with no window, because the skylight is on the other side... and in case you can't tell, the tiles surrounding the tub actually have little pink flowers on them. Beautiful.
 I'm not sure who designed this bathroom, but its horrible. Literally horrible.
Right after we moved in, we painted the walls and the vanity, so it took some of the edge off, but it wasn't enough, so we never used it.

 At the end of the summer, demolition began! This is where the small vanity and wall were. Matt ripped out the shower, vanity, and wall. You can see the drywall was put up on the back wall. The new vanity will run that whole wall space.

At this point, Matt had also put up some of the the shower sheet rock. So, now, where the big tub was, is a huge walk in shower. This is when Matt was in the process of prepping the shower, there is a layer of concrete, now, and it is fully sheet rocked. Behind the shower wall is where the toilet will go.

 Floor tile is in! Matt did this over the weekend, just needs grout. The walls are all sheetrocked and taped, ready for paint! and the shower is ready for tile.

Vanity is in! One step closer, now waiting for the countertop to be templated and installed. Starting to come together, hopefully will be painted this weekend, and some shower tiles installed! Matt installed new recess lighting, you may be able to tell by the brightness, this photo was taken at night.
More to come as we continue the renovation! My hubby has done all of this himself, electical, plumbing, sheetrocking, tile and vanity installation, etc, (with the exception of the taping on the walls, and the countertop we ordered comes with installation) so this is pretty much a total DIY bathroom!

 The countertops were finally installed! We chose a white quartz, it has lots of sparkle in it and gives the room a clean cut look with the white cabinets. Hubby put in the faucet and the upper cabinets! Its finally coming together. The walls were also painted, my all time favorite paint color: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. (Its also the color of my kitchen)
The bench top is in, it is a slab of white quartz that matches the vanity top!
 The shower floor is covered with some kind of final coat before tile? (I'm not sure what it is, I just do design) and on the floor there is a piece of the flooring we are using for the shower a white & grey hexagon tile, and the walls will be a mint subway tile.

Just waiting for the subway tile to go in and we can order the custom glass shower door, and finish up! We are also yet to pick a mosaic tile for the soapdish. I cannot find anything I like that matches at home depot and lowes, so I am thinking we may use the same tile as we are for the rest of the shower, but put in a herringbone pattern inside the soapdish? I dont want anything too tacky! Thats my main problem!

Hopefully we will be finished in the next month or so!

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