Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ty's Racecar Bedroom!

 So here it is! Ty's finally finished racecar bedroom! I had gotten the racecar sheets from Homegoods a while ago, however, we had so much nautical decor from his nursery, it was hard to fade it out!

The metal signs are from Hobby Lobby. Ty picked out most of them himself and helped me hang them up! I made sure I could add more if I wanted to as I find them (I like to do that with my collages, always adding!)

 The wood racecar print I had found at Target, soon after I had bought the sheets. For the surrounding photos, I found a blog with vintage car art printables and had hubby pick his favorite ones for me to print and hang! Printable blog here

 The Hot Rod Comic prints are also from Hobby Lobby, one I found months ago and bought, and when I went back recently there was another one! We also hung up a small shelf above the dresser, that my husband's grandfather had made for him when he was a kid.

The shelves used to be filled with sailboats. I found a couple old gas pumps at Hobby Lobby to go on them, a license plate frame, and also a front grill to a Camaro that lights up (was on clearance from $140 to $45!) and Ty loved it and wanted it, so I caved!

 I found a kids bedroom set on craigslist a while back and put the dresser in Ty's room. I switched out the natural wood knobs for some fun ones I found at Hobby Lobby. I recently painted the top red (Ty's new favorite color) to spruce it up a bit!

Finally done! No more baby sailboats, just big boy racecars!
We also went with a darker blue wall to make it more of a big boy room, especially since we painted the nursery light blue. The color is Sherwin Williams: Open Seas.

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