Friday, March 4, 2016

14 Days of Valentines.. Take 2!

A few years ago, I did the 14 Days of Valentines gifts for my husband, back when Ty was just a baby so he really didn't understand it at all. The past couple years I was working full time and did not have time to put together such an elaborate thing like I did before. But this year, I decided to give it another shot. Ty is older now, I know he would enjoy getting a little something each day for Valentines, and it's cute for Matt to open his lunchbox and find something.

This time, I went way easier, not as elaborate as last time with the printed tags, because I did not want to do the exact same thing over again with the same exact gifts, (I wanted to pick things they both liked to make everything easier) and I wasnt as ambitious this year. So while I was at target, I found some heart shaped sticky post its, perfect! 
I compiled my list of gifts and corny sayings, purchased all the goodies, and I went to work!

Day 1:


"You are the apple of my eye!"

 I would put the gifts on the windowsill for Ty to find when he got home from school, he loved coming home everyday and finding his Valentine!

Day 2:

 "I donut know what I would do without you!"

They both love donuts, enough said.

 Day 3:

"You're a great catch!"

I found these cute mini cartons of goldfish for $1 each!

 Day 4:


"I'm Nutty For You"

My boys LOVE nutella. So this one was a hit. 

Day 5:

 "You are a cutie!" 

this one worked out well because we aren't huge fans of oranges/clementines, but I was assigned to bring some in for Ty's Chinese New Year Party, so I added them to the Valentine line up!

Day 6:

 "You are a Gem" 

Ty LOVES ring pops, I also had some left over from when I had bought him a bag before, so I didn't even have to buy these!

Day 7:


"We're Mint to Be!"

Ty loves junior mints and peppermint patties so he loved this one!

Day 8:


"I'm Lucky To Have You" 

I went cheap here and just filled up two mini snack bags with a box of Lucky Charms we had in the cabinet! I tried to find small boxes of Lucky Charms but I could only find in like a variety pack and we have enough cereal as it is.

Day 9:

 "I Love You Beary Much!"

They both love gummy bears too!

 Day 10:

 "Love you to Pieces" 

Peanut butter is a big hit in our house, so these pieces were great, I tried to get a different type for Ty, because he really likes the York pieces, but they didn't have them at Walgreens. He still ate these!

 Day 11:


"You are the Only Fish in the Sea for Me"

I know I already did a fish one with the goldfish, but Swedish fish are one of Ty's favorite candy, so I did another one and just spaced it out.

Day 12:

 "You are a Stud Muffin"

I made muffins over the weekend and put one in each of these little cupcake containers.

 Day 13:

 "You're a Sweet Heart!"

I found little boxes of Sweet Tart Hearts


Day 14:

"Don't be a Nerd, Be My Valentine!" 

They both like Nerds, but for some reason there was only 1 box left at Walgreens! So I got the one box for Matt, then walked over to the toy section and picked this up for Ty...

 "I Wheelie Love You"

He didn't mind that he didn't get any Nerds because he got a new monster truck instead!

 This was simpler version of my 14 Days of Valentines, it took me about an hour total to do everything, including writing the post its and sticking on the Valentines!

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