Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fiesta Party!

Our friends that live in Texas are getting married and were coming home for a week to visit! So Matt decided he wanted to throw them an engagement party for all the friends and family in CT. We decided to do a Fiesta theme! 

Unfortunately, we were too busy to take a photo of the taco bar, but we made 6 pounds of beef and shredded chicken and put them in the crockpot to stay warm. We had both hard and soft shell tacos out and bowls of: tomatoes, onions, lettuce, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, and cheese for people to add to their tacos. It was a hit! 

For appetizers we did a variety of salsas and chips, and fruit salad. Simple.
Getting the salsa bar set up! I found the large margarita glasses at Christmas Tree Shops $1.99 each, perfect for a jar of salsa!
 After the salsa was put in each glass.

The bar had: iced tea, water, and margaritas. We also had buckets of water, soda, and juice. We got three small kegs (logs; each approximately 55 beers) of Landshark, Corona, and Sam Adams Summer Ale.
The bar setup! The pitchers are large mason jars from CTS.
A view of the bar and drink table
The bar my husband built out of old paneling

Margarita glasses, umbrellas, salt, etc. The margarita glasses were at Party City, 20 pack for $9.99! Perfect for a fiesta!

Ty wanted a fancy cup for his water! he also picked out that lei for himself!

For desserts, we decided to do a variety of cupcakes, all different colors for the fiesta theme. We made A TON and also gave them out as favors! (I hate giving favors that people will never use!)
I made all the cupcakes myself on a Friday.
Vanilla and margarita cupcakes done!
All of the finished cupcakes! 10 dozen!

The cupcakes themselves were easy, it was the frosting that was time consuming, I started around 7:30 on Saturday morning and didnt finish until around 11. It took longer because I did all different colors and had to make 3 different batches of different frostings.
The finished, frosted cupcakes!
 The first display is all chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate frosting (blue and purple), the second was funfetti with vanilla frosting (yellow and orange), and the third is vanilla with vanilla and chocolate frosting (red). For the fiesta theme I wanted a rainbow of colored frosting!

The vanilla display.

The funfetti display.

The chocolate display.

 The margarita cupcakes! They came out amazing!

 I found the mini margarita glasses in a 20 pack at party city. I didnt know what to use them for but bought them anyway. When I finished the cupcakes I knew it'd be perfect to fit in there! I added a lime wedge and a mini straw to complete the look!
The s'mores tower.

The finished dessert table! On top of all the goodies we made, guests also brought some desserts so we were full!

 This sign was displayed next to the cupcakes, I forgot to put it out until after I had already taken the photo, and a bunch of desserts were gone!

The favors for the party were cupcakes to go! I found the boxes for a reasonable price on etsy here, and also found the labels on etsy here too! They were printables, so I had them printed at staples very cheap, (less than $10 for 100.) and the color came out way better than when I tried to print on my home computer.

It was alot easier to throw a party where I didnt know most of the guests because I could focus on everything instead of chatting! It was totally fun and not stressful at all! The fiesta theme was perfect!

Monday, May 23, 2016

End of the Year Teacher Gifts!

For the end of the year teacher gifts, I wanted to do something fun and useful! Browsing Pinterest I kept seeing this one idea that I loved. It was a basket of all orange things saying: 'orange you glad its summer?!" How cute is that?! I decided to expand on that and do tumblers of different colors, filled with different colored items!
First, I found the assorted tumblers on Amazon, here.
Next, I headed to Staples and Target for some teaching supplies in assorted colors!

 I grabbed some pens, highlighters, pencils, hand sanitizer, post-its, gum, and starbursts to stuff the cups.
 And lastly, I ordered some colored decals from a friend who does custom designs at: Skylar's Craft Corner. I told her I was looking for summer themed decals at a reasonable price, and she delivered! She designed a variety of different summer decals in the colors I asked for, and the cups look great!

All done! Just need a gift tag and ribbon!

Here are some up close shots of each cup:

 Blue Anchor                       Green Palm Tree

 Red Umbrella                                Orange Flip Flop

 Pink Seahorse                         Purple Bikini

All together!

The gift tags read: "thank you for making this year so colorful!"

 Finished with ribbons and gift tags!

 The cups were about $3 each, and I spent a few dollars each on the candy and supplies, I would price these about $6-7 per cup. Not bad for 12 gifts! Enjoy!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Teacher Appreciation!

So for those of you who don't know, this week is teacher appreciation week! It is very important to recognize the teachers that work so hard to care for and educate your children everyday!

My son has a million teachers. He has his classroom teacher, 2 paraprofessionals, And 3 therapists that he sees each week. He also has 5 different "specials" Each day of the week with 5 more teachers. That's 11 total. For Christmas we did the Starbucks travel mugs and gift cards for everyone (which was not cheap with the gift cards) and since Teacher appreciation is so close to the end of the school year (1 month) I didn't want to spend too much at this time, because we will be giving them all end of the year gifts.

So, I found this idea on Pinterest and we decided to just to his 3 classroom teachers and his 3 therapists.
These gifts were about $3 each and took me about 10-15 minutes to put all together. The gift tags are found: Here.

I knew Christmas tree shops always has oven mitts for cheap (that's where I buy my own) so I headed there, luckily they had a ton of cute beachy and patriotic ones for the summer! And they were $1 each!

I searched around for some spatulas/spoons and found some that were $1.50 each, and got a variety of colors.

Next I headed to the food section to try and find cookie mix because it wasn't on sale at stop and shop this week and I don't see any reason to pay more than $1.50 for a bag of cookie mix, but they didn't have any at Christmas tree shops either! So I thought : "where can I stop on my way home from here?? Dollar tree!" So I went straight to the food aisle and boom there is Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix bags, for $1 each! Perfect!

I got home, stuck a bag of cookie mix and a spatula in each mitt, tied a ribbon and the gift tag on, and done!

I put them in a brown paper bag in Tyler's backpack, standing up, so the spoons wouldn't slide out, and put a little "thank you" note in the bag!

Quick, easy, and thoughtful. I mean, who doesn't like cookies??
Stay tuned for our end of the year gifts! (I don't have them planned yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something!