Monday, May 23, 2016

End of the Year Teacher Gifts!

For the end of the year teacher gifts, I wanted to do something fun and useful! Browsing Pinterest I kept seeing this one idea that I loved. It was a basket of all orange things saying: 'orange you glad its summer?!" How cute is that?! I decided to expand on that and do tumblers of different colors, filled with different colored items!
First, I found the assorted tumblers on Amazon, here.
Next, I headed to Staples and Target for some teaching supplies in assorted colors!

 I grabbed some pens, highlighters, pencils, hand sanitizer, post-its, gum, and starbursts to stuff the cups.
 And lastly, I ordered some colored decals from a friend who does custom designs at: Skylar's Craft Corner. I told her I was looking for summer themed decals at a reasonable price, and she delivered! She designed a variety of different summer decals in the colors I asked for, and the cups look great!

All done! Just need a gift tag and ribbon!

Here are some up close shots of each cup:

 Blue Anchor                       Green Palm Tree

 Red Umbrella                                Orange Flip Flop

 Pink Seahorse                         Purple Bikini

All together!

The gift tags read: "thank you for making this year so colorful!"

 Finished with ribbons and gift tags!

 The cups were about $3 each, and I spent a few dollars each on the candy and supplies, I would price these about $6-7 per cup. Not bad for 12 gifts! Enjoy!

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