Thursday, July 14, 2016

Beach/Surf Themed Nursery Planning!

Since I am obsessed with Pinterest, I have already been planning the nursery like CRAZY! I even started buying things! So here is my plan for the nursery and I will update with progress and the final product!

Lets start with the bedding. Which was the starting inspiration for the whole nursery. I found this bedding at Pottery Barn kids, and I saved it on my pinterest board, along with a few others I liked. When I was showing my friend the set, I noticed IT WAS ON CLEARANCE! Each piece was more than 50% off the original (insanely high) price! So I just HAD to get it!

From this set I ordered the quilt and the bumper, I found a different sheet that matched that I loved, and it was also on sale! (I don't want to open the wrapping yet because I don't want the bedding to get dusty!) 
Here is the website photo with the bumper and quilt. (linked to click on photo)
The online photo of the quilt. I like how there are a variety of prints and colors on the quilt! Teal, pink, coral, light orange. I like the waves, the palm leaves, flowers, and flamingos.There is a lot of variety in the quilt so it will be fun to accessorize.
Here are the online photos of the bumper and sheet. The bumper has pineapples. How cute is that?! And instead of doing the overpriced pink polka dot sheet that was advertised with the set, I chose the teal and pink flamingo sheet. It matches the quilt with the teal and pink, and also goes along with the flamingos on the quilt! Perfect!

Next, I found these adorable framed wooden prints at Hobby Lobby! They were actually part of a set with another print (the zebra one behind the flamingo) but that didn't match so I didn't get it. I couldn't believe that I found two separate prints from a set that match the nursery theme perfectly! How lucky! and they were 50% off too, so $16 per frame.  A small price to pay for the PERFECT matching nursery accessories! 

I also picked up this whale light switch plate and adorable beachy frame while at Hobby Lobby. They are perfect for my nursery theme and they were also 50% off! The light switch plate was like $4 and the frame was $5! 
Hubby is surprised I don't want to paint the nursery all pink, but I feel like I'll be adding a lot of pink accessories, so I want to attempt this ombre wall that I found on Pinterest! The nursery theme is like a beach/surf theme, so walls that look like the ocean would be amazing! (If you click on the photo it will bring you to a blog with directions!)
This is the crib I plan to get from Walmart. Its called the Baby Mod Olivia 3 in 1. Its a convertible crib, its rated highly on Consumer Reports, and its only $200! I wanted a white crib this time around for a brighter look, and also to match the dresser we already have. 

I had found this dresser as a part of a set with another tall dresser (in Ty's room), a side table, and a bed, on a tag sale website for $150 for the whole set! It was a steal, so I got it. This dresser will double as a changing table, and we will also use the side table in the nursery. 
I'm going to be putting my own DIY touches on the dresser and will update!

Check back for updates as I paint the nursery! 

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