Thursday, September 15, 2016

Beach Nursery DIY in Progress!

Under Construction...
We started working on the nursery and have made a lot of progress! My vision is finally starting to come together! Here's all the DIY's I've done so far in here!

 The Ombre Wall!

 I found a tutorial on: Domestically Speaking. I used the same colors as in the tutorial: Dutch Boy "Hawaiian Sky" and "Half Moon Bay". I used that tutorial for most of it, but when it came to blending together the colors, it didn't come out great, so I followed Behr's blending tutorial at the end.

Step 1: top color                 Step 2: bottom color

 Step 3: middle color
Step 4: Blending the bottom,               Step 5: Blending the top

 As you can see, the top blending didn't go so well using an X motion, this is when I found the Behr tutorial and started blending differently.
 Much better. Doesn't look as seamless as the original tutorial's photo, but it looks like waves, which is great because we're doing a beach theme.

The other nursery walls are Sherwin Williams "Waterscape"

Updating The Dresser!

I had found this dresser as a part of a set with another tall dresser (in Ty's room), a side table, and a bed, on a tag sale website for $150 for the whole set! It was a steal, so I got it. This dresser will double as a changing table, and we will also use the side table in the nursery. 

 I picked up some cute glass knobs at Hobby Lobby that fit our color scheme of pink and teal. They look classy and cute, way better than the woody knobs. I painted the top of the dresser with Sherwin Williams "Coral Reef". It came out perfect!
I painted the matching side table the same, and found the whale/mermaid tail knob at Hobby Lobby, it was the last one!

Shelf Update

 I ended up having to take the mirror off the dresser, because the changing pad wouldn't fit with it on. So instead, I found some shelves in the basement that we're going to mount above the dresser. They were black, so I spray painted them pink!

 Crib Setup!

 Once we painted, I couldn't wait to set up the crib! We got the Baby Mod Olivia 3 in 1 Convertible Crib. Its highly rated on Consumer Reports, and inexpensive!

   I am obsessed with the bedding! The style is Isla Surf from Pottery Barn. I got it on clearance and ordered right away! The flamingo sheets are also from PB, but weren't with the set.

Monday, September 12, 2016

DIY Bathroom Reno... UPDATE

This bathroom was horrible. Yellow. Striped. Wallpaper. Everywhere. (which was a total nightmare to take down) It was probably there since they built the house in 1987. I did most of it myself and I hated every minute of it! I will NEVER put wallpaper anywhere in my house, just for the pure fact that it is so hard to take down. I dont want to put my future self or anyone else who may buy this house in the future, through that torture.
In this bathroom, we kept the flooring, it was neutral enough, painted the vanity, changed the hardware, and added a pre-fabricated, fake stone countertop with sink from Home Depot which was about $250. The toilet and shower were in good shape, just needed some major cleaning.
Since this is to be the kids bathroom, I wanted bright and colorful. The only window in this room is the skylight, but it gives plenty of light. The color inspiration, I got from this blog.
(In their photos it seems much lighter; next time I would probably go with a couple shades lighter) but I love the teal. The color is Sherwin Williams Composed.
 The shower curtain and rugs are from Target. They were boy-ish and bright, just what I was looking for, I love the teal with the lime green and orange.
 I was going for a semi-beach feel in here, so that was my opportunity to add some beach/coastal decor from our previous home (since I've come to the realization that we are too far from the beach to have a totally beach themed house...)
 The beach wall decor was previously in Tyler's big boy room in our old place.. I thought they would fit perfectly in this bathroom. I got them at Christmas Tree Shops.
The Whale Tails are my favorite thing. They used to be in Ty's room, along with most of this stuff. I got most of it at Christmas Tree Shops at the end of the summer when everything is on clearance. The glass bottle was a centerpiece at our wedding reception, I've placed the extras around the house..
The mosaic sea shell is also one of my favorite pieces. I believe I got it at Homegoods like 5 years ago when we lived in our very first apartment, I had it in our kitchen above the stove... it will never leave!

All we did in this bathroom was paint and hang decor! This easy fix made a world of difference and added life to this dusty old bathroom! (I'm currently trying to convince hubby to make this our next project once our master bath is done, getting new flooring, new tub, subway tile in the shower, and a new vanity... we'll see! But for now it works!

Before & After!


I wasn't to keen on the color we originally painted the bathroom, it was just way to dark, so we finally got around to re-painting it! The color we chose was on the same color swatch as the old color, just 2 shades lighter, Sherwin Williams Aloe.

 In the photos, you can't see a huge difference in color, but in person its a lot lighter!
This wall seemed too empty so I added some seahorse hooks that I had spray painted white, to hang towels. 

 I also moved the crab and seahorse that were on the large wall, to this awkward small wall when you first walk in.

I LOVE this color. Its a perfect teal. Its calm and not too bright.