Thursday, September 15, 2016

Beach Nursery DIY in Progress!

Under Construction...
We started working on the nursery and have made a lot of progress! My vision is finally starting to come together! Here's all the DIY's I've done so far in here!

 The Ombre Wall!

 I found a tutorial on: Domestically Speaking. I used the same colors as in the tutorial: Dutch Boy "Hawaiian Sky" and "Half Moon Bay". I used that tutorial for most of it, but when it came to blending together the colors, it didn't come out great, so I followed Behr's blending tutorial at the end.

Step 1: top color                 Step 2: bottom color

 Step 3: middle color
Step 4: Blending the bottom,               Step 5: Blending the top

 As you can see, the top blending didn't go so well using an X motion, this is when I found the Behr tutorial and started blending differently.
 Much better. Doesn't look as seamless as the original tutorial's photo, but it looks like waves, which is great because we're doing a beach theme.

The other nursery walls are Sherwin Williams "Waterscape"

Updating The Dresser!

I had found this dresser as a part of a set with another tall dresser (in Ty's room), a side table, and a bed, on a tag sale website for $150 for the whole set! It was a steal, so I got it. This dresser will double as a changing table, and we will also use the side table in the nursery. 

 I picked up some cute glass knobs at Hobby Lobby that fit our color scheme of pink and teal. They look classy and cute, way better than the woody knobs. I painted the top of the dresser with Sherwin Williams "Coral Reef". It came out perfect!
I painted the matching side table the same, and found the whale/mermaid tail knob at Hobby Lobby, it was the last one!

Shelf Update

 I ended up having to take the mirror off the dresser, because the changing pad wouldn't fit with it on. So instead, I found some shelves in the basement that we're going to mount above the dresser. They were black, so I spray painted them pink!

 Crib Setup!

 Once we painted, I couldn't wait to set up the crib! We got the Baby Mod Olivia 3 in 1 Convertible Crib. Its highly rated on Consumer Reports, and inexpensive!

   I am obsessed with the bedding! The style is Isla Surf from Pottery Barn. I got it on clearance and ordered right away! The flamingo sheets are also from PB, but weren't with the set.

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  1. Looks so beautiful & calming, Steph!